Where I come from, bragging is frowned upon.

But it would be wrong not to tell you I was named top writer in the country by Strategy Magazine.

Or that I taught copywriting at OCAD as well and ironically have won umpteen awards for my writing.

I say "ironically" because I think the awards industry has done a lot of harm to our business and caused creative people to take their eye off the ball and forget why we're here in the first place: selling our clients' products. 

By the way, prior to being a writer, I was considered one of the better art directors in the country. I also became an award-winning director, having directed more than 300 commercials, amongst other things.

I take pride in being one of very few to have gain national and international recognition as an art director, writer and director. I take even more pride in not being a jackass to deal with.

I hope you like the work.

(So much for not bragging eh?)