Noel O'Dea, CEO, Target Marketing, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

“Randy was born and bred in Toronto. But that’s ok: everyone has to start somewhere. I suspect he was really born here in Newfoundland, but kidnapped and spirited away by gypsies at a tender age.

How else to explain his sense of humour, keen eye, and way with words? What else were we do to with this shy and slyly engaging storyteller but to anoint him an honourary Newfoundlander?

If only he’d move home.” 

Noel O’Dea, CEO,

Target Marketing, St. John’s, Newfoundland

“Randy is dynamically creative, highly experienced and multi-talented. His ability to effectively push creative boundaries results in unique, memorable messages that captivate audiences. He is professional with a relaxed, congenial style. His humorous approach builds camaraderie, which enhances the process and the product. His passion will engage you, his modesty will impress you.

The project is created in a stimulating process, on time and with creative ideas that will astound you.”

Martha Nelson, Director of Advancement, Faculty of Engineering,

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

“As an award-winning director, it’s Randy’s overflowing creativity and larger-than-life sense of humour that make him a gem. He pushes creative boundaries and breaks through them with an end product that shines every time. His humourous approach does an amazing job at building camaraderie, which makes the process and the product that much better. He writes and directs with fluidity, and when he pitches ideas everyone listens as though he’s a hypnotist. 

I’ve often told him that he easily transforms a 7 into a 10. His humble nature likely knows that, but because he checks his ego at the door he never acts like he does. 

I’d highly recommend him when your marketing needs more than just a bit of extra oomph. Even if you think it doesn’t, he’ll astound you with ideas that’ll show you why it does.”

Dean Lorenz, Director of Marketing,

Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Randy many times and across many different businesses and categories. Regardless of the creative challenge he’s given, he always brings tremendous passion and talent to the project and consistently finds fresh and memorable ways to engage consumers.  

Randy’s creativity seems to know no bounds -- he is one of those very rare creative people who can write, art direct and direct. His talent in all areas of expertise has been recognized with countless national and international awards. 

Despite the many accolades, Randy remains one of the most self-deprecating people in the business.  

His creativity, smarts and wonderfully dry sense of humour make him a delight to work with.”

Alison Simpson, VP, Director of Marketing,     

Holt Renfrew, Toronto, Ontario            

"Randy has been great to work with.

As a not-for-profit agriculture organization, Ontario Pork was embarking on a new branding strategy and he had the skill and expertise to help us work through the process of everything from brand development to advertising creative. He asked intelligent questions and made suggestions that not only helped him understand the image we were trying to convey but added value to our strategy in ways we hadn't considered before.

Randy's ideas are definitely out of the box and left of centre. I would highly recommend Randy for his creative genius and his ability."

Mary Jane Quinn, Director of Marketing,

Ontario Pork, Toronto, Ontario