My first blog. I think. Sort of. We'll see.

So. Here I sit at a Starbucks in Wasaga Beach. What the hell should I write about? By the way, for those of you wondering about the name "Randy Rooney", it's an homage, as they say to one of my favourite all-time broadcasters, Andy Rooney. (Google him, kids.)

Maybe a chat about the state of the level of quality in the business. That business being advertising and design. I know the day it started downhill. It was the day after this type rep came to see me when I was an art director. He was talking about what was all the rage then, home publishing. Typesetting being done by those without an eye. As he told me that day, "Oh, Randy. They'll never replace a true typographer though."

I agreed. What the hell did I know? That was back in the 80's. And type setting, along with design attention to detail and craftsmanship have gone downhill fast since that innocent little conversation. And I take full responsibility. 

People say there's no time to do it right. When in reality, it takes as little time to centre something as it does to screw it up. Ever since, it's been going downhill fast ever since. To the point where clients think this logo is just fine as a representation of a mortgage company.

Hey, what do you know? I made my first blog. I think.

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