Randy Diplock, Director/Writer/Art Director

Over the years I've sold everything from banks to beer to baseball but hate selling myself.

After all, where I come from, you don't brag. 

My work speaks for itself but it would be wrong not to add that I'm one of very few in the industry whose work has been recognized around the world as an art director, writer and director. A fact I'm very proud of.

I've come to the point in my career where I'm happiest performing all three roles. Which means fewer arguments, though not none. And it means a client doesn't need to submit a request in writing for an audience with the director.

After all, the director is also the creative team.

To be clear, my Uncle Gord can write, art direct and direct too. But what matters is the level you do them on. I'm happy to say I have proof that the work doesn't suffer.

Nor do my clients' bottom lines.